One of the true dying arts among arborists is the ability to climb. The majority of tree services today do not have climbers but rather opt for costly machinery that often proves to be time consuming, loud and destructive to landscaping. My love and education for trees has always included climbing and when the job calls for precision work no one can do it better.




The purpose of pruning is to remove the dead, wounded or branches struggling to grow. The tree uses vital energy to try to heal itself . Gone unchecked, the tree begins to divert resources to healing limbs. It is important to mention that pruning while being a good thing can also be a bad thing for a tree if done improperly.  This can result in a list of health problems for the tree such as cankers, sun scalds, frost cracks, insect borers and more.  



Stump grinding is not to be confused with stump removal. Many times stump removal is not the answer. While removal works great when clearing large lots it does leave a sizable witness mark in the terrain as to where the stump was excavated out. The solution to some homeowners is Stump Grinding. The stump is ground down below the surface of the soil and then filled in. In a short time thereafter grass and foliage can begin grow over.  When done correctly the landowner is often none the wiser as to where it was.



Vermont is populated by heavy, dense, temperate seasonal woods. JC's Tree Service  offers owners the ability to clear small and large lots  of all shapes and terrains. Lot clearing can be anything  from just bringing trees down in a safe controlled manner to handling everything that happens beyond the cut. We can prepare the wood for you in any form you like ie: buck it, log length, split and chip it or just dispose of it for you. 







Commonly confused with pruning, and also known as selective cutting, thinning involves the complete removal of a branch back to the main stem or point of origin. Topping is a more severe form of pruning which benefits in the form of height control and leads to a perceived fuller body of that tree but has its drawbacks in that it vastly reduces the number of leaves available to photosynthesize its nutrients.




For obvious reasons, and some less obvious ones, trees sometimes have to be removed. Every job site presents a different set of tasks and dangers associated with the removal of a tree. Trees are often found in a multitude of conditions. Regardless of the condition when it comes to tree removal there is one thing as the consumer that you need to know above all else is your tree service protected and are they protecting you? JC's Tree Service is fully insured.  



Properly installed cabling and bracing rods can help your weakening tree and their toughest moments. Cabling helps distribute the structural stress a tree undergoes due to weather and the rigors of just standing tall. Bracing rods can provide that little extra help needed by weakening branches. JC's Tree Service is trained in how to get your beloved trees to grow and stand tall year after year.